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October 27, 2016
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January 2, 2017

As a mum, Rip Tied’s owner sees first-hand the many benefits of arts and crafts for children. But rather than attempt to answer your question ‘is it really worth the effort?!’ herself, she thought she’d point you in the direction of one of her favourite videos on the subject, created by BBC Grown-ups Guides.

If you have 3 minutes go to (scroll down to section 2).

If you don’t (parents are busy right?!), then we’ve picked out the key facts:

1) There’s evidence that encouraging children to be creative and imaginative early in life can actually help them to be more resourceful and resilient when they’re faced with barriers or obstacles in adult life.

2) Giving children the opportunity to be creative helps them to connect all the different parts of their brains and their bodies, build a well-rounded personality and promote mental wellbeing – as well as honing fine motor skills.

3) Learning together helps your child to feel that you’re taking them seriously – that you ‘get’ that they’re not just messing around when they play. It’ll give you a clearer idea of what they are trying to express through their art and craft efforts, and shared moments like this are a lovely way to bond with your child.


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